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Tropical Satellite Picture
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No Eastern Pacific Tropical Storms

Last Update:
1545 EDT   DEC 23, 1999

Automations currently update this page at least 4 times per day - more often when named storms exist.

Tropical Weather Statements SITES
Tropical Weather Outlook Latest Latest Latest Latest Archive
Tropical Weather Discussion Latest Latest Latest Latest Archive
Monthly Tropical Summary Latest Latest Latest N/A Archive
Tropical Forecasting Products
Tropical Numerical Weather Prediction Global Model - Select Tropical EASTPAC Regional (COAMPS) Model
Tropical Cyclone Model Text Output
From Ohio State From Florida State
Marine Surface Observations Eastern Pacific Southwest US
Sea Surface Temperature Analyses Daily Weekly
Sea Surface Temperature Changes Climate Anomalies Weekly
Ocean Features Analysis Hawaii Southwest US

Satellite Pictures
SITES ImagesMovies
IR VisWV IR MPEG LinkIndex
NRL Monterey GOES 8 Java Movies Only
NOAA - GOES Imagery - 500K, 5hr, Atl.
Plymouth State College - 800K, 64hr, Atl. N/A
Unisys Weather - 400K, 48hr, US
University of Wisconsin-Madison N/A Not Available

Frequently Used Links
Tropical Prediction Center /
National Hurricane Center
Homebase for all Official Storm Forecasts
Purdue's Tropical Weather Data AVN Forecasts, Satellite, Detailed Archives
Atlantic Tropical Weather Center Links to Satellite, Radar, Text - 6 pages
Tropical Cyclones Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) From Chris Landsea (NOAA/HRD)
Click here for more tropical weather links.

Storm Archives
2001 Eastern Pacific Tropical Cyclone Names and Archive - Links active once storm dissipates.
Adolph Barbara Cosme Dalila Erick
Flossie Gil Henriette Israel Juliette
Kiko Lorena Manuel Narda Octave
Priscilla Raymond Sonia Tico Velma

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