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Map (below) from Weather Underground.     Copyright, 2001.
National Radar Map - Refresh for Latest Image
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Top Radar Sites
Updated:    At least every 30 minutes
NEXRAD Map Links Only National Image and NEXRAD Links National and Regional Images Only
National Weather Service NCAR-RAP Weather Underground Intellicast The Weather Channel CNN / AccuWeather

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NWS, Intellicast and
NEXRAD images

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Note: (Images here are placeholders. Click on the image to visit that site for LIVE radar Images.)

Frequently Used Links
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The Weather Station - TV Radar Sites (Discontinued) Overview of the WSR-88D Doppler Radar System (NEXRAD)
Commercial Radar Links WSR-88D (NEXRAD) Terms & Acronyms
Live Doppler Radars Across the U.S. University of Illinois Radar Meteorology Course

Texax A&M University: The WSR-88D and It's Products
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