Hurricane   HUMBERTO

Storm Summary Storm Track of Humberto
BornSeptember 12, 2007 (10 AM)
DiedSeptember 13, 2007 (4 PM)
Lifespan1.25 days
Max Winds85 mph
(Category 1)
Humberto strengthened from a 30 knot Depression at 1500 UTC to a 75 knot Hurricane at 0900 UTC the next day. No Tropical Cyclone has ever reached this intensity at a faster rate near landfall.
Min Press.986 mb
LocationNorthwestern Gulf of Mexico
LandfallJust East of High Island, Texas Image Copyright 2007 AccuWeather, Inc.
DamageOne death, minor flooding
~$500 million
Tracking Coordinates for Humberto.

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